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Toptal Introducing freelancer with high tempo…!

Well….! For speaking about work ,about freelancing and project based contract ,its always difficult to say that what site is best and what is worse.However as a Freelance developer its always hard to be survive in a competitive environment, as we need to be aware every single second . It doesn’t matter whatever you are…

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now Mini ‘Pepper’ Robot will serve your need

A sparkly new companion joined the workforce in Taiwan Thursday—a troop of smaller than normal robots all passing by the name “Pepper”, enrolled to engage clients and give them the hard offer. Chinese-speaking Pepper was brought into two banks and an insurance agency in the capital Taipei, moving to music, playing with youngsters in anterooms…

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GOOGLE Says About Google Pixel – features and facts

The Pixel name, says Rick Osterloh, Google’s as of late employed equipment boss, “has constantly spoken to the best in equipment and programming, composed and worked by Google, together.” He highlights five key focuses for the new Pixel telephones: – Google Assistant. Pixel is the main telephone with the new Google Assistant implicit. When you…

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iOS 10 What is your Opinion?

The good: I like rise to wake, and when all my friends make it to iOS 10, the improvements to messages will be great. Until then, I’ll never be sure which effects they actually receive. In addition I think the expansion of widgets is great and I’m looking forward to Siri linking up with more…

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Huge Difference between aloo and Whats app , Technical Facts !

Google Allo has different new features which makes it stand out different from WhatsApp: The Google Assistant The reason why this app is like having your own personal assistant is because it is one, albeit virtual of course. Although WhatsApp has unique features of sending across a location, file, picture, audio recording and so on-…

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Can Google Allo Compete WhatsApp??

Yes, Google Allo can compete with WhatsApp because of the following reasons Major technical Difference is Here Google Assistant(Artificial Intelligence) The artificial intelligence is pretty good and this feature is missing in Whatsapp and this AI pretty fun to use and it gives different options if we ask it and it answers pretty straightforward. 2.…

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Important Tips for studying properly

If you do not think you are studying properly you need to up your game.This is important to you but you are feeling like you are either not living up to what you could do or living up to what you must do to get the life that you want. To solve this follow these…

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What are some tips on not getting distracted while studying?

Create a study-friendly environment with these 5 tips. The good news: they’re very small which makes them easy to practice every day. train your mind to dive right in disable what distracts you block away the noise don’t waste time on toxic people and social media practice being more mindful Tip #1. Train your mind…

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SImple HTML5 CSS3 Profile page User

Here is a simple and clean twitter bootstrap and css3 demo for a user profile Demo contains a basic functionality of HTML5 with a latest framework of TWITTER BOTSTRAP . it also contains a small java script file that will help to provide a smooth effect on the design that let you sharpen your design…

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