iOS 10 What is your Opinion?

The good:

I like rise to wake, and when all my friends make it to iOS 10, the improvements to messages will be great. Until then, I’ll never be sure which effects they actually receive. In addition I think the expansion of widgets is great and I’m looking forward to Siri linking up with more apps. The notification bubbles are slightly more attractive but for me, it isn’t a big deal.

The bad:

I’m not a fan of the new control centre. Splitting one page of controls across two pages is just an extra step whenever I want to access half of the functionality. I also can’t stand the new music app. I’m not interested in Apple Music or Beats One. I just want access to my albums and my playlists, and that is best done on the tape at the bottom of the app, except that 60% of that space is now full of Apple Music junk. I also don’t like the colour the text that is used as links, and the layout isn’t as neat as a proper set of buttons.

The ugly:

The bugs really annoy me. Most of them are input related, but I have had issues with touch input not working when resuming a suspended app, and apps getting stuck in portrait or landscape, sometimes with half the screen black because the picture hasn’t rotated. I’ve also seen some intermittent issues with the accelerometer – annoying as I had been enjoying my Google Cardboard. I’ve also found that whenever I connect my bluetooth headphones, the audio still comes out of the speakers for a minute or so, with the settings reporting the the headphones are connected, but no option to switch to them as an output. For reference, this is all on an iPhone 7.

Overall I don’t dislike the update in terms of what it was trying to achieve. It’s just buggy, and the Music app is trying to sell me something I’m just not interested in buying.

What is your Opinion?

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Posted on September 27, 2016 in Entertainement, Journal, Technologies

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